What are your hours?

We are open seasonally from March through October. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am-5 pm and closed Sunday and Monday.

What holidays do you observe?

We are closed on Easter Sunday and Independence Day.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, we do!

Do you take special orders?

Yes, we are happy to place a special order for you. We can order any plant that is available in the wholesale nursery in any quantity. Orders for a full flat (16) of one variety receive 10% off. In addition, we have some other sources for plants available to us. Please ask. Most orders can be filled within 1 week of ordering.

What does drought tolerant mean?

Plants that are drought tolerant require less water than the average garden plant. All newly planted material needs to be watered until it is established hence fall planting. All drought tolerant plants need some amount of water during the season to look their best. A thick layer of mulch is also beneficial for holding moisture in the soil. “Drought tolerant” rarely means “no water”.

I don’t see the plant that I am looking for in your catalog.

We always suggest that you inquire about plants that you do not see in our catalog. There are a few plants that we grow in limited supply and we do not list these in our catalog. There are also new items that we get in during the year and these do not show in our catalog because they come in after it is updated. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask and we don’t mind checking.

I wanted five 1-gallons and you only have 4”, so how many pots should I get?

We get this question A LOT and the answer is five. If you want 1-gallons and you are substituting 4” pots, use the same number of plants. A 1-gallon and a 4” pot of the same plant will grow to the same size when in the garden. It is not a dwarf or smaller because it is in a 4” pot. So, prevent over planting and overcrowding and use the same number of plants. Generally with many of the perennials, you cannot tell what was a 1-gallon plant and what was a 4” plant after six weeks of growth in the garden. 4" plants are easier to plant (smaller holes to dig!) and they save you money because they are cheaper.

*Remember, wider spacing means that the individual plants will be of better shape because then they develop unhampered and they are easier to prune.